Munch started with an idea to share happiness and smiles through mouthwatering delights that can give people a reason to congregate with family & friends or simply take out time for oneself and savor the moment. Whenever a craving kicks in, it triggers a noble pursuit we call ‘munch’. It’s calling that has no defined time, place or occasion, so you just answer it instinctively with your favorite cupcake, tart, cake or candies at Munch Bakery.

Here at Munch we try and come up with the most imaginative and creative ways to share with you the sweetest taste of happiness. Munch is a true believer in what people can achieve through sheer imagination and creativity. Thus, every product of Munch delivers a unique sense of fulfillment that is incomparable.


Imagination & Creativity

 We are at our best when we use our imagination and creativity to do what’s considered impossible by most people. This is one of the most fundamental values that we nature at Munch and also a mantra that we enchant in our work place day-in day-out.


Special Ingredients

 We use only the best of natural ingredients to deliver a unique flavour that you get from every product of Munch. The secret to our taste and quality is in the superior quality of our ingredients that allows us to make for you the best munchies in the country.


Human Touch

The essence of our brand is to connect with the people who love to Munch. It’s the sole reason we create such delectable range of awesome treats. Everything is carefully designed to reach out to the hearts of our customers and deliver them a wholesome experience of what Munch stands for and what it wants to share. It’s what keeps us close to you; it’s what makes us human.


State of the Art Production

We produce on a very large scale to satisfy the taste buds of our loyal customers and when the task is so huge it means you need the best technology by your side. Munch makes every delight on state-of-the-art production facilities to ensure consistency and super quality.


Fun & Excitement

It’s our promise to add fun and excitement to your Munch experience every time you visit our stores or touch base on our social network.



Coming up with new ways to add fun & excitement to your Munch experience is the epitome of our efforts. Therefore, we are very keen on adding innovative processes to deliver consistent quality throughout our branch network.



The success of Munch is the direct result of four concrete principles that are part of basic operation of Munch: “Outstanding Quality“, “Unique Taste“, “Something new” and the “Munch Experience“. We see growth as a way to deliver on these four arching principles that govern the nature of our brand.